Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections for the Salina, KS area

Local Termites

Common in Central Kansas, subterranean termites survive on a diet of softwood and other cellulose materials. As their name suggests, subterranean termites typically nest underground, as they thrive in areas with sufficient moisture conditions. From their underground colonies, subterranean termites build tunnels in search of food and will build colonies above ground in their search for food by building tubes of mud. 

If you're convinced that you have termites in your home, MidKansas Home Inspections offer termite inspections for the McPherson & Salina, KS areas. If you're not sure, here are many common signs and signals that it's time for a termite inspection.

Signs of Termites 

Because of the underground colonizing of subterranean termites, they typically carry soil and mud with them as they eat. Wood that is damaged by subterranean termites can be identified by several characteristics: 

  • Soil and mud may be found within the tunnels that they create
  • Wood damaged by subterranean termites appears to be layered due to their habit to eat only softwood portions, leaving behind hardwood materials
  • The eating patterns of subterranean termites are with the grain, rather than against it, as opposed to drywood termites
If you notice any of these termite signs, call MidKansas Home Inspections to schedule a termite inspection appointment.
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Have Your Home Tested for Termites Today
Do you suspect termites in your home? 

If you have any suspicion, then it is best to have your home inspected by our professionals. Signs of an infestation include large swarms of flying termites and the presence of mud tubes. We recommend annual termite inspections to ensure that signs of activity aren’t present to prevent costly damage to your home. 

Preventing Termites as a Homeowner

Because of their liking of moisture-rich environments, it is recommended that you control the moisture levels in your home to make it less appealing for subterranean termites. By reducing moisture sources and wood-to-ground contact as well as sealing off entry points, you can help to prevent the likelihood of termites infesting your home. Removing excess brush and keeping landscaping trimmed will prevent termites from nesting, too. Finally, don’t stack piles of wood near a source of moisture. Following these helpful tips can prevent termites from settling in your home!

However, if you see signs and symptoms of termites, you should call MidKansas Home Inspections for a termite inspection. After we check out your home for termites, we will let you know whether or not you need to call an exterminator. Don’t hesitate to call for termite inspections – it might be the best thing you do for your home all year. Our inceptions are serviced in the Salina, KS and McPherson, KS areas. Although we are not limited to these areas - we can travel, so let's get in touch!