Salina, KS
Home & Termite Inspection for Salina, KS
Welcome to Salina, KS, a prominent city in Central Kansas. 

Over the past several years, the population of Salina, KS has increased by almost five percent. People that are in the manufacturing and agricultural industries have especially flocked to the area, due to the growth of manufacturing in Salina, KS over the past decade. 

If you've recently moved to the Salina, KS area and are looking to buy a home, or if you're looking to sell a house, it's important to hire a home inspector to assess any current damages and issues. MidKansas Home Inspections is the right company to call. We provide not only home inspections, but also termite inspections and radon testing, an added bonus compared to other companies.

Do I need a termite inspection for my home in Salina, KS?
How do you know if you need a termite inspection? How often do you need to schedule one? MidKansas Home Inspections in Salina, KS is here to answer all of your most common questions. Termites normally eat through wood, but they can also eat through flooring, cabinets, wooden furniture, metal siding, and plaster. In Kansas, you may see discarded wings, or termites with wings flying around your home. Termites often leave droppings that look like sandy coffee grounds. When you see these signs, it's important to call a licensed termite inspector. We'll come to your home and assess whether or not you have termites. If you do, we'll refer you to an exterminator. A termite inspection can go a long way to prevent you from suffering housing damages!

What about radon testing?
If you are buying or selling your home, you should consider testing your home for radon levels. Radon is not the easiest gas to detect, so it's best to schedule radon testing before you put your house on the market in Salina, KS. If you have any questions about our process, please don't hesitate to give us a call.

We serve ALL of central Kansas and further!
If you are in the central Kansas area, you can contact us for a home inspection, termite inspection, or radon testing. Schedule a home, termite, or radon inspection today with MidKansas Home Inspections! We look forward to serving you.
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